Cricket Bet

The world of cricket betting offers a wide and varied assortment of wagers that should appeal to anyone with a love of the game. Similar to football or rugby, cricket is home to international events that draw in countless millions every year, and the bookmakers are never far behind, ready to start offering a selection of premium betting options to anyone willing to look for them.

One of the best ways of finding more success with cricket betting is by learning the more popular bets that become available around the time the season starts up, all of which we will explore here.

Match Betting

As simple and straightforward as they come, match betting is popular for a reason, and arguably the most common type of bet on the market. This simply involves putting down money on a specific team during a match. Also known as a moneyline bet, this is the perfect wager for both beginner and veteran bettors wanting to dive deeper into the cricket world.

Tied-Match Betting

A much more difficult wager to get right, but also one that boasts better payouts if everything does play out in the intended way. Tied-match betting has the bettor wager on the final score of both teams, assuming that they will tie at the end of the game. The risk here is significantly higher than the other kinds of bets mentioned here, but the rewards are similarly high.

Series Betting

Cricket is known for its season-long series that can span months at a time, creating the perfect opportunity to start wagering on the outcome of a whole series at a time. This can allow the bet to grow over time, getting bigger and promising a much larger potential payout by the end if everything goes to plan. In other sports, this would be most closely related to an accumulator bet, with many of the same rules.

Top Bowler

The top bowler, along with the highest scoring batsman, are usually the stars of the event, so it makes sense that bets would be available for the player that’s likely to be the best bowler. This is a wager that can be successful if the bettor is willing to take the time and put in a little bit of research – understanding the player, their history, along with their techniques can make a noticeable difference in the overall success of the bet.

Cricket Top Bowler

Top Batsman

Similar rules apply here, expect the wager will be focussed instead on the batsman that performed the best in the match. This tends to be a much more popular bet than top bowler due to the fact there most events will give an award to whichever batsman rakes in the highest score while they’re on the batting pitch. It’s a favourite among bettors, and definitely one to keep an eye on.

Live Betting

Live betting allows bettors to make wagers as the game is happening, giving them the chance to change and alter the wager as they go along. It’s becoming much more popular as more people go online.