For millions of people out there, an impulsive bet taken out on a favourite team or player is usually nothing more than a casual way of passing time, and the vast majority of them tend to lose their wager. There are a few reasons for this, but perhaps the most prominent is the lack of dedication – sports betting can be a great way of making money, but it’s highly improbable to become instantly wealthy through it as it can take time.

Don’t be dissuaded though, as it is possible find true success in sports betting, as long as the right strategies are implemented as often as possible.

The Art Of Sleeper Picks

In the industry of, there’s a common term called a “chalk”, which refers to a player or teams that have been chosen as the most likely to win an event by the experts and pros. What’s important to remember here is that the experts and pros are not always right, but neither is the general public. Success can instead be found somewhere in the middle by employing good research and using all the available information to make a decision. And this is where the sleep pick comes in: it refers to the experts “sleeping” on a team or player, which may otherwise be an excellent choice for a wager. Sometimes it comes down to a combination of experience and gut instinct, but often enough it can pay out, sometimes very well.

Moneyline Strategy

As the most common type of bet on the market, a moneyline may seem best suited for the amateurs, but with the right information moneyline wagers can be fairly lucrative. This involves a bit of simple mathematics, where the bettor will need to calculate the implied probability – how often a bet needs to win before it can break even – which is what’s used to determine the total amount of risk versus return. The calculations here are simple enough, but they can be a powerful tool once learnt.

Point Spread Strategy

Point spread betting refers to favourites and underdogs, two terms that most seasoned bettors will be well accustomed to. This kind of wagering is not quite as straightforward as a moneyline, but may be worth investigating for the small but frequent payouts. Finding good bonuses, using multiple betting sites, and being aware of road favourites should help in finding increased success with point spreads.

Accumulator Strategy

Accumulator Strategy

Another extremely common type of bet is the accumulator, which is also known as the parlay. These tend to be much more difficult than most of the others mentioned here, and are definitely not aimed at anyone that hasn’t got some experience behind them. Parlay bets rely on multiple different factors all coming right in set times, which is why they can be very high risk. Above everything else, the trick here is to find a decent betting site, specifically one that does not offer fixed odds for their accumulator bets, and finding true odds can turn a parlay into pure profit.