Players need to get their ice skates on and their shoulder pads strapped up for Playtech’s full-throttle Ice Hockey online slots game. This slot, as the name implies, takes for its theme this glacial game so beloved by sports fans around the world, and pushes the adrenaline up a notch thanks to the chance of real money wins.

Ice Hockey online slot has five reels available for players to enjoy, and these have 15 paylines accompanying them. The paylines are able to pay out for winning combinations in both directions, and Playtech has provided plenty of bonus action –enough so that even individuals who are not particularly fond of this game will be able to enjoy taking part.

Players Pick a Team in Ice Hockey Online Slots

Players who hail from countries in which ice hockey is a popular sport will know that team-loyalty is a key factor in terms of spectators. This video slots game allows spinners to spark up these rivalries by making it possible for players to select two teams to face off against one another during the base game, and the pool includes some of the world’s most formidable squads. Finland; Canada; Russia; the Czech Republic; Sweden; the USA; and Germany are all represented, and present a fun choice for players to make, with an innovative consequence for each one.

The team selection for Ice Hockey has the following results: player icons from Team A will only pay wins occurring from the right-hand side of the screen to the left, and player icons from Team B will do the reverse. Each team will have three players put onto the reels, and they work together to offer mixed-pay wins when three or more different players combine along a payline.

Free Games Ice Hockey Online Slots Bonus

While the base game is being played, there will be two sets of scatter card icons able to appear on the first and fifth reels. These two symbols will depict the flags of the countries the player has selected to play, and, should two of these match up on the first and fifth reels of a spin, the player will be invited to enjoy 12 free spins. During the free spins portion of play the reels will feature only the players from the country whose flags triggered the game, and players will be able to collect wins from combinations formed in both directions.

Prize Money Available for Ice Hockey Online Slots Play

Players who select Ice Hockey for their slots entertainment can choose to activate as many lines as they want to: just one is an option, as is all 15. The bet-per-line range is 0.01 to 1, and this means that players of a good array of betting size preferences can enjoy the game in the style they prefer.

During the base game for Ice Hockey online slots, all of the lower-valued playing card icons will offer line wins in both directions, while the national teams’ players will pay in one direction only, depending on which side they are on. These line wins will offer a variety of linebet multiplier prizes.