Thanks to the wonderful world of online bookmakers, you can now get involved with Horse Races around the world via your desktop, smartphone, and tablet. You never have to miss out on the action at The Breeders’ Cup Classic, Everest, Melbourne Cup, Pegasus World Cup Invitational, and Sheema Classic again.

Horse Racing is a fabulous sport to bet on because the action unfolds so quickly, and the results are in in a matter of minutes. Staking on these events is also simple to do and 100% safe if you stick to properly licensed and regulated sportsbooks.

Win, Place, and Show Wagers

These bets are the most common when it comes to Horse Racing and all you need to do is decide on the event’s finishers. Win bets need you to name the animal to arrive first, Place stakes require that your pick ends up in either the first or the second positions, and to win a Show wager, your horse must appear in the top 3.

The amount you get paid out is directly equivalent to how difficult the bet you have placed is. So Win bets will pay out more than Place stakes, and these will give you a better return than a Show wager.

Exotic Horse Racing Bets

This group of stakes is more challenging and thus hold the potential of a bigger payout if you know your stuff. You’ll need to wager on the order that specific horses will finish the race in.

There are four main types here, the Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta. The Quinella involves you choosing which two horses will finish first, and the exact order they end in does not matter. In the Exacta, however, while you pick two horses as well, the order is important. You need to correctly predict who will be first and who will be second.

Trifecta bets ask you to choose the top three animals and be correct regarding their order, and the Superfecta extends this to include four horses. As you can see, these stakes are pretty tough, which is why their payouts will blow your mind!

Horse Racing Quinella

Parimutuel Betting Vs Fixed Odds

Remember, Horse Racing staking uses the parimutuel betting system instead of fixed odds. This means that everyone’s wagers are pooled, meaning that the payouts will keep changing until this closes. At the end of the day, each animal’s return depends on how much bettors have seen fit to risk on it.

Tips to Keep in Mind

The most important thing to keep in mind when you start Horse Racing betting is that it should be fun. If you start becoming anxious about winning or losing your stake to the point where you don’t enjoy watching the races anymore, it’s time to take a step back.

Set up a budget so you can keep track of your wins and losses, compare odds to ensure you’re always getting the best return possible, and have a good time! And keep your emotions out of it as far as you can.