Looking at Alien Robots Slot Casino Game

When it comes to online slot games, the online casino industry has certainly seen a wide variety of different themes emerge over the years. One such game is Alien Robots. Developed and created by Net Entertainment, this online slot game is perfect for fans of animation.

While the game’s title may suggest something ferocious, the alien robots adorning the reels of this game all seem friendly and inviting. Aside from an interesting theme and friendly characters, this game also has plenty to offer players in terms of bonus rounds and overall potential to win big. For more information on this game, take a look below.

The Basic Structure

One of the main reasons for online slot games being as popular as they are today lies in the fact that they allow players to log on and get playing in nothing more than a few minutes. These games are fast-paced and quick to move through, which is why a lot of the time, their structure is as simple as possible. Alien Robots is no different. Instead of players having to spend too much of their time focussing on how the game functions, they can jump right in and get to enjoy this game’s simple structure of just five reels and three rows.

243 Ways to Win

Even though the basic structure of the game is a fairly simple one, Alien Robots still offers players 243 different ways to win. By affording players such a big margin to win on, this game makes it all the more exciting. However, just because there are so many ways to win does not mean that it is particularly easy to win. This game is still an unpredictable one that speaks to the overall appeal of traditional slot games, which saw games being kept incredibly exciting by the fact that they were so unpredictable, as the chance of winning was ever-present.

Bonus Features

Alien Robots also afford players with plenty of opportunity to increase their winnings through the free spins on offer. By spinning at least three UFO symbols anywhere on the reels, players will automatically be awarded 10 free spins. Four UFO symbols will ensure 20 free spins, while five of them will result in a win of 50 free spins. During the free spins rounds, the wild symbols also have a little bit more to offer. They will expand and become sticky, which will result in players being able to increase their winnings even further through a greater variety of winning combinations being created.

All in all, Alien Robots has everything that a player could want from an online slots game and more. With a structure that is easy to get into, 243 different ways to win and a number of bonus features that are designed to help players drastically increase their winnings, this game is one that players of every level are sure to enjoy. Furthermore, the game is also designed to be played on a number of devices, from laptop computers to mobile phones, making it all the more convenient.