The curtain is called and the lights are dimmed. Your popcorn and cola are ready and cell phones are switched off. Sitting back on a cinema chair we are ready to be introduced to characters that we will forever remember. From the wild west to crazy hotel rooms, Hollywood has introduced us to so many memorable and colourful gamblers that have changed the way in which we view gambling.

It would be impossible to mention each of them in a single article. While we will forever remember Raymond Babbit from ‘Rainman’ and Axel Freed from ‘The Gambler’ – as well as so many other notable colourful characters – lets take a look at some of the most colourful and interesting characters that we have ever been introduced to through the miracle of Hollywood gambling.

Danny Ocean, Too Cool for One Actor

The character of Danny Ocean comes to us from the movie ‘Oceans 11’. The character was introduced to us in 1960 when he was portrayed by none other than Legendary Frank Sinatra. The film received a remake in 2001 with George Clooney portraying the role and then subsequently became a movie series that sky rocketed to success.

Danny Ocean is a gambler living in Las Vegas, who at age 22 meets a man by the name of Reuben Tishkoff who helps him to become a better gambler. But the two have a fallout and Danny ruins himself, ultimately ending in jail. It is when he gets out that he uses his gambling skills and becomes a master robber and con artist.

Alan Garner, the Real Leading Man

Alan Garner was the main reason why the audience was left in stitches during the 2009 hit movie ‘The Hangover’. Portrayed by Zack Galifianakis, Alan is a one-man wolf pack that gamble on or with anything. Very often with results that are so unbelievable or unreal that he stole the movie. This jolly gambler was a hit in all three of ‘The Hangover’ movies.

Nicky Santoro, the One from the Movies.

In 1995 actor Joe Pesci portrayed real life gambler, Nicky Santoro, and right-hand man to the mob boss, Remo Gaggi, in the movie ‘Casino’. Nicky was a complete psychopath who thought nothing of killing whoever it is that he thought was a threat to him or his boss. Pesci portrayed this role with such vigour that Santoro will forever be in our minds. Those that knew the real-life Santoro says that Pesci portrayal of him was far scarier than the actual man.

Frank Theodorakis is in the House

Gambling addict Frank Theodorakis – in the movie ‘The House’ – convinces his neighbours Scott and Kate Johansen to open a in their home, to help them make money for daughter to be able to go to college. Portrayed by Jason Mantzoukas this hysterically funny and colourful character changes the lives of the entire neighbourhood through his own gambling addiction and teaching his neighbours that the house always wins.

Four colourful characters, played by five great actors, that made us love them and their gambling.