Canadian Online Gambling Law Explained

The law surrounding gambling in Canada has gone through many changes over the years. Originally there was a blanket ban of gambling in Canada, in the year 1892, which lasted only until 1900.

The first changes to the gambling laws were then made, in order to allow games such as bingo and lotteries, but only for the express purpose of raising money for charity events.

The law changed again and again in the years that followed, become ever more relaxed as the country came to terms with legal gambling.

Eventually, in the 1970s, a landmark decision was made to allow each area of Canada to decide for itself if gambling should or should not be legal.

But this created a new problem that has only recently developed, namely; did giving a domain the right to decide if gambling should be legal also extend to online gambling? The question may seem like it has an obvious answer to many, but for others it was not so cut and dry.

It was a debate that raged on for many years, and still rages on, with many declaring that there is not a clear answer to the simple question. The quick answer to the question is that online gambling is enjoyed by many Canadians on a daily basis, and they certainly aren’t breaking the law.

The interesting truth is, however, that there are no law that declares online gambling officially legal, or illegal. It’s a conundrum that could be considered to be a sort of law limbo.

No Breaking The Law

No one playing online casino games in Canada has ever been said to be breaking the law, ever, which more or less sums up that Canadians are allowed to gamble online.

There are still debates that go on to this day, but the only real enforced law is that minors are strictly forbidden from taking part on online gambling. This, of course, stands to reason, and it’s a good thing that this aspect of online in the country is very specific.

One case that does stand out is that a Native American reserve in Canada was fined a large sum of money for hosting online gambling servers. The fine was appealed, however, and remains in appeal to this very day.

The server continues to run, with the Kahnawake Mohawk reserve stating that running the server was their right, based on jurisdiction laws. The case has yet to reach a conclusion.

Canadian Online Laws Versus US Laws

Some make the false assumption that the United States and Canada have the same laws in terms of gambling and online, but this is not at all true.

For one thing, the currency is different in dollar versus CAD casino options, and so the laws differ too.

Gambling in the United States is legal in only a few areas, with strict restrictions in place for online gambling as well.

There are still a number of curious restrictions to certain gambling laws in certain areas in Canada, real world gambling is largely legal within its borders, with 100% confirmation by established laws.

It is only the online gambling aspect in Canada which falls within the so called grey area.

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