A Deeper Look at the Best Fruit Machine Casino Slots

Fruit machines originated in the United Kingdom, and there is still something quintessentially British about them. Today they are played all over the world, both online and offline, and the best fruit machine casino slots really enhance overall playing experiences. They differ from other Slots machines in that they involve more skill, but they deliver the same immediate thrills that make spinning the reels so enjoyable. To learn a little more about these games, keep reading.

Background to Fruit Machines

Slots machines originated in the first years of the 20th century, and were already very popular when lawmakers in Britain ruled that games had to involve an element of skill whenever there were prizes up for grabs. To meet this requirement Fruit Machines were developed, although they didn’t award money at first. The very first machines rewarded successful players with drinks, cigarettes and other small rewards, although the best fruit machine casino slots of today are strictly cash-based.

Fruit Machines have been available online since 2007, and keep gaining favour. More and more people are discovering them, and playing this way is often much more convenient than land-based options. They also tend to pay out more, and the game range is much wider. New games are often rolled out which keeps experiences fresh for players, and many of today’s best fruit machine casino slots are found online.

Fruit Machine Features

Fruit machines generally have 3 reels, displaying symbols and numbers. These icons were almost all fruit in the original machines, but today the range also includes brightly-coloured hearts, diamonds and other shapes. The reels are spun in the hope that 3 identical symbols up in the middle of the reel.

Skills come into play with Fruit Machines unlike other slot games at online River Belle casino, players have control of how the reels move. This is done with the Hold and Nudge features. After the reels have spun, the Hold Feature allows players to hold them in place one by one, as they try to match the 3 symbols along the main displace. With the Nudge feature players can also try to create winning combinations, although it is not as commonly seen as the Hold feature. Here, individual reels are moved up or down by 1 position. The Repeat feature is also commonly seen, and gives players the chance to try and repeat wins or helpful features by clicking on a button flashing Yes and No. If they manage to click on it while it says Yes, the Repeat happens.

The best fruit machine casino slots often feature Bonus Trails, which are basically Bonus Rounds that are randomly triggered within a game. In these Trails, a board appears on the screen and players make their way across it, potentially winning prizes as they do. These rewards include multiplied winnings, free Nudges, Holds and Repeats and cash. Chances at Gamble features are also up for grabs, which give players the chance to increase their winnings by predicting the suit of a playing card, the value of a generated number or something similar. Incorrect predictions result in all winnings being forfeited, so this feature really does add an extra layer of gambling thrill to Fruit Machine gameplay.

Choosing Fruit Machines Online

Most sites allow players to try games in a no-deposit free play mode, which allows them to practice their skills before placing real money bets and check their options out to choose the best Fruit Machine casino slots for them. This is really a pleasure in itself – every aspect of the Fruit Machine experience is enjoyable.

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